Colour Coded Equipment ID (Identification) Tags For Identifying Lifting Equipment & Other Applications

Rubbertags is an online provider of rubber equipment tags, these tags can be used in any application imaginable - but generally are used to label Lifting Equipment.

To comply with LOLER 98 all lifting equipment and height safety equipment needs to be subjected to a thorough examination by a competent person at maximum intervals. Dependant on the piece of equipment the maximum period between inspections is either 6 or 12 months though it must be noted that this maximum period must be reduced dependant on how that equipment is used, the environment of use and by who / how often it is used (etc...).

By integrating a colour code system in to your a lifting and / or height safety scheme at the work place users will be able to instantly identify when the equipment was last examined by the competent person and therefore that the equipment should not be used.. For example January to March is RED, April to June is BLUE etc... Having 4 or more colours rotating in the colour code system means that if a piece of equipment goes missing when the inspection is due there is a good chance it will be re discovered before the same colour rotates live once more.


Durable, Noticable

Our colour code rubber tags are extremely durable and will not fall or vibrate off accidentally. The tags should only be removed at colour change times when they can be put in to storage until the same colour rotates live once more.


Each Colour coded tag only weighs 14g and is only 218mm in length! They are ideal for any range of equipment.


Colours available are orange, grey, purple, emerald green, yellow, pink, sky blue, lime green, brown, spearmint and also available in red or black. uses cookies to improve your user experience,
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