Colour Coded Equipment ID (Identification) Tags For Identifying Lifting Equipment & Other Applications

Colour Coded ID Tags!

For the general use of tagging and identifying site or workshop equipment, there is a large selection of colours and printing options available. These tags are durable and lightweight and can be used in a variety of ways.

Get Tagging!

Visual Inspection Tags for any application

Depending on the type of application, there may be certain laws that require you to label the equipment (mainly for safety purposes). For example: If your Lifting Equipment is not deemed safe until inspection - place a red tag on it and notify your operators not to use it.

Durable, lightweight cost friendly.

Our tags are made from the highest quality materials, they suffer no extra weight.

Buy in packs of 50.

We generally sell our tags in packs of 50 - so you can be sure you'll have enough to deal with any labelling operation.

Laser Printed + Marker-pen friendly.

We offer a variety of labelling options from laser printing to Barcodes, you may even get a FREE marker pen.


All our identification tags are made from high quality die-cut polyester and heat conditioned to 23°C for 48 hours.

Manage your equipment

Our tags use bold eye-catching colours, they are hard to miss and will allow you to quickly monitor your equipment from a distance.

The range of rubber tags will adhear to all your equipment labelling needs!

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